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Bem-te-vi Produções

Projects & Living Experiences into Films

It was on the pilgrimage that the independent producer Bem-te-Vi Produções was born, with its mission to enter various realities and serve as a bridge of minorities with society in a human and experiential way, offering the audiovisual, sound and photography tool, in addition to other means of communication, also developing complete projects with more fronts of actions, whether cultural, social, environmental and / or educational.

The Great-Kiskadee Bird is a graceful and humorous bird who shows her yellow breast through her eyes, seeing the world from other points of view and proclaiming optimism and truth. Like the bird, an initiative for different cultures and realities, producing multicultural content that seeks to go further by connecting to people as one.


Lara Jacoski and Patrick Belem, directors and partners of Bem-te-vi Produções, met at Morocco during an art residence (Progress,2012), following to live in India (Everyday India, 2012) producing his first collaborative audiovisual project. Forming the company, they were soon contemplated by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture, producing a serial documentary in Bolívia and Peru (Projeto Perfil, 2013) from living experiences, in 2014 lived in Brazil making films for artists, brands and causes, following to live in Thailand for 2015 (Watch Your Waste, 2015) making audiovisual projects integrating educational and environmental areas with a waste theme, going  then Camboja in 2016 for an art residency (Social Entrepreneurs, 2016), coming back to India for a 6 months project (Better Days, 2016) producing a documentary series with international online distribution.

With the political coup, the duo decides to return and reside in Brazil in 2017 with the mission of focusing on national independent projects of popular culture and native peoples. In the last 3 years, they have been mainly dedicated to audiovisual projects and diversification in other areas, depending on the needs of each reality. They entered the Acrian Amazon with the Huni Kuin people (Yube Inu, Eskawata Kayawaiimmersed in Brazil, in Alto Xingu (Kuikuro people), in Mato Grosso (Xavante people), in Tocantins (Karajá people) in addition to projects in Paraná where they reside, participating of events as the latest one in the United States in a worldwide meeting of indigenous elders (Aniwa, 2019).


In 2020 they develop projects related to the Atlantic Forest and work on post-production their first feature film Eskawata Kayawai, a documentary about the cultural rescue Huni Kuin through ayahuasca that will be released in 2021.

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Bem-te-vi Produções

Projetos / Filmes / Fotografia / Ativismo 


Director and Producer
Bem-te-vi Produções

Lara is a woman in her power, bridging the gap between different worlds, conducting experiences and multi-cultural projects, raising awareness, approaching and awakening the other.


Born in Curitiba, but for 10 years on the world road, doing projects as a producer, marketing (graduated in 2010) and filmmaker (director, screenwriter, producer, director of photography and editor). She lived in London 2010-2012 studying and making movies, but what really changed his life was going to India at the end of 2012, opening horizons of her greater being and path. From a Catholic-Spiritist cradle, Lara has always sought to go beyond what was presented, leading her to nomadism, living, knowing and producing, with the Berbers of Morocco, the stolen women from India, the healers of Bolivia, and the original people from the Amazon. Being on the move in other spaces has always helped to expanded horizons, discovering other worlds, ways of seeing and living. In this way of living, Lara understood the ease of entering the most diverse universes, and thus serves her mission of creating multicultural projects, showcasing the beauty and the simplicity of traditional/ancestral true culture and people living their truth, which have always opened the most beautiful doors to know and learn from remarkable beings, materializing projects of relevance to themselves and each other.

Patrick Belem is a free spirit. A sacred forest medicine musician, photographer, filmmaker, illustrator and journalist (graduated in 2009 in Curitiba).


His main work, besides composing and singing medicinal songs, is as director and director of photography for documentary films by his production company Bem-te-vi Produções, seeking to connect people as one. No matter where he is from or where the content it is produced, be it Africa, Asia, Latin America or North America, the content has always a pluricultural message that reaches everyone's heart as one. The goal is to shorten the line in between different people and their diverse point of view.

All Bem-te-vi projects have always been mixed in their wanderings meeting people wherever they fly to, mixing as well the professional and the spiritual path, connecting everything altogether.

Patrick has a spiritual path that started very young, as his family owns a Kardecist Spiritual Center. At age 15, he had contemplated many different spiritual paths to practice self-knowledge, participating in the studies of Gurdjieff, the work of Trigueirinho and Santo Daime, until he met the Huni Kuin and drank the sacred ayahuasca medicine with them. The spiritual path have opened his personal and professional paths, which reverberate in the heart and is used as fuel for Patrick's movement, as above bellow, as outside inside.


Bem-te-vi Produções

Selections and Prizes






CTLPFX Earth Day Festival, Portland 2016

Winner at "Best Film" - Hope Section -
with Profile Project - “Freddy Candia” (BO)
Honorable Mention at the educational section with
“Rescue Me” from the project Watch Your Waste (THAI)


II Festival O Cubo, Rio de Janeiro 2015
Honorable Mention - Profile Project  

with the short film "Freddy Candia" (BO)

I Festival O Cubo, Rio de Janeiro 2014

"It's Better"de The Yuya (UK) Best Music Video

by the official jury, entertainment category


Passion For Freedom, Londres 2013

“Special Award” / Honorable Mention
for the video art “Balansophy” (NY)

Public Notice Selection, Paraná 2017-2020

Banamel Project, of agroforestry teaching itinerancy at Paraná state with the production of a documentary.

Artistic Residency, Cambodja 2016

Selected to the Mad Monkey Artist Residency, a month
making films with minorities and their social solutions.


Artistic Residency, Thailand 2015

Residency following the project "Tropikos" in Bangkok
making a documentary to be premiered at the exhibition.

Public Notice Selection MINC, BR 2014

A 3 months itinerancy project at Bolívia making the 3 short film series "Profile Project"


Artistic Residency, Morocco 2012

A month discovering Morocco in order to create a video art questioning what one loses and gain with "progress".

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